Monday, February 17, 2014

Be Mine, Valentine

Happy belated Valentine's Day! I hope your Valentine's weekend was as great as mine. :) I've been one of those people who didn't really care for Valentine's Day because it was just S.A.D. (single awareness day) But now that I have a husband, the day is now a special one for me. It was even better cuz we got to spend the whole weekend together as well.
My husband is sweet and got me a giant teddy bear (which I've never gotten before) and a chocolate rose (deeeeelicious).
 He's the cutest teddy bear in the world! Be jealous. ;) But I'm thankful for husband for getting this big guy for me. I love my hubs so much!
Not only is my husband the best but my mother-in-law is! Kyler and I came home to a little gift on our bed. We both got these really nice shirts that have that under armor feel and we got little boxes of those hearts that have "Be mine," "LOL," "Love you," all that jazz. It was so sweet!
This is the awesome shirt. :) I love it!
The next day. A couple friends came to Kyler's parent's house and we went on a double date shooting clay pigeons. We set them up against a hill by Kyler's house and started shooting.  I shot a hole in the middle of one and it looked awesome! I wish I had a picture but the girl with us has the picture. Then we decided to throw the clay pigeons and shoot them. I've done this once before and I closed my eyes but I still hit the pigeon! But this time, I didn't close my eyes and I hit one. awesome haha. It was a lot of fun. Then next, we hung out for a bit and then headed to Boise to go to a free Goo Goo Dolls concert. They were amazing! There were tons of people and I stood on Kyler's feet practically the entire time. I'm not sure if the video below works but it was the only video I could put on here. I have more videos but you'll have to see them on my computer haha. 
After that, we went and watched a movie at the other girl's house. We watched "American Outlaws." Oh it was good! A friend of mine has always been dying for me to watch it and I finally did! So overall, it was an amazing Valentine's weekend and I am so glad I could spend it with MY Valentine. :)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lots of !!!! ;)

Hey there! It's been a couple months since I last posted so luckily there isn't much to say.  For Christmas, Kyler and I went up to good ole lovely and cold Wyoming to spend the holidays with my family.  It was wonderful being there! I cried. I really did. Wyoming will always be home to me. :) I got to spend a lot of time with my family, playing Ticket To Ride, Telestrations, and many more games. (We played Telestrations with another family and I could not stop laughing!! Going from car pool to Hunger Games...classic.)  Anyways, these two pictures are fantastic. :)

Haha. I wish we could've REALLY recreated this with Shari's bangs, Breanne's overalls, MY hair, and even Kennan's creepy baby smile. Haha. Oh man this was fun. Look how hott my family is! We were good looking people then and we're good looking people now....;)    
These two pictures (really badly taken pictures) is the gingerbread house that Kyler, Aidan, and I decorated. :) The little lean-to thing made of pretzels took forever! But it looks amazing, huh? In the second picture in the top right you see that round thing? It's a half melted snowman. Haha. This was a lot of fun. :) 
Aw and this picture. :) It just makes my day. Good ole Macey (not sure how they spell it). She is the funniest dog ever...ass you could probably tell from this picture. She is a snuggler and a she is a cute dog.
Snow!! It hardly snows here and this was the first snowfall that actually stuck to the ground for a while haha. This was before Christmas break. It's snowing a little bit right now but it's not the sticky snow. :(
I play on a city league volleyball team with Kyler, my mother-in-law and a few other people. These are our team shirts. We're pretty legit. We are crazy, cooky people but we have fun. :) Love my team!
Be jealous of my awesome, huge ring. It's so huge! Haha. Oh and check out how long my nails are. ;D
For the last month, I've had this really huge urge to write. I didn't know what I wanted to write but I just needed to write something. Then like three days ago, I had a dream about me writing a story about a dream I had a while ago. It's a very interesting story and I hope I can write it the way I saw it in my head. So, I'm in the process of writing a story/book. :) Hopefully I'll finish it cuz I have an unfinished story I started writing when I was 15 in the storage...:/ But only a few people know this about me so count yourself to be special. ;) Just kidding. Anyways, moving on!
Kyler and I bought a movie the other day called "Easy A." If you haven't seen that movie, you HAVE to watch it. I could not stop laughing! I've probably watched it 10 times and we just barely got this movie. It's hilarious! Also, I'm teaching piano lessons to five students. They are so fun to teach! I feel really awesome and thankful to have the talent of playing the piano and the ability to teach others how to play. It's been a lot of fun working with them.
I'm also growing my nails and I have an obsession of painting them. I just love it! I don't know why I didn't do this earlier....:o  Also, Kyler and I will be moving to house just down the road. It's a cute, older home that needs fixing up but I'm excited to move in!! :) When we get moved in and settle I'll take pictures. ;) 
Well...I can't think of anything else to say brain is all scattered everywhere but tune in til next time. ;)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lovin' Life

Hey there! So I'm really bad at keeping up on my blog....But I'm writing now! So it's October now. Five more days and I will have officially known my husband for a year! CRAZY!! Twelve more days and we will have been married 6 months! Where has the time gone?? :o So like my last post I'll be posting pictures instead of boring you with nonsense.
My life as a Dygert has been awesome!! I coach high school volleyball now. It's seriously a dream come true! I've always wanted to be a coach and now it's reality!

The picture above is the JV A team. They rock!

The picture above is the Varsity team. Haha I love working with these girls! They're so much fun!
There should be another picture up there but I never got it. It's of the JV B team. Those girls are like my besties! We're ninja cool! (inside joke) But seriously....I love the girls and the coaches! We have way too much fun. :)
This is what I look like as a coach. I'm like...official. ;)
This is the gun that my husband got me. It's a 10/22 and I stinking LOVE it! :) My husband's the greatest!
This is one of our friend/neighbor's daughters....and I babysat her one day and we built this awesome couch fort! We're awesome.
This is what I got for helping my husband at work. Not really but it's actually true....haha. I was helping him make some shelf thingies to hold up some big monster-heavy equipment. Well...I dropped a pole and tried catching it with my knee. It was a nasty bruise and it was an insta-bruise. It hurt real bad but it was fun showing people it. ;)
This is the HUGE spider (the biggest spider I've ever seen in my life) that likes to sit right in that spot. But he's in spider heaven now. My husband killed him. I wasn't gonna!!! :o
This is a sweet view from a corn chopper. I hung out with my husband at work and while we were waiting for some trucks we stood out on top of the chopper and this was our view. :) It's pretty sweet huh?
This is the last pic for this blog post. My husband and I on his parents' horses. We look so hott. :) I love him so much!
Well....I know this blog post is kind of all over the place but it is like 11 at night and I'm super tired and half hyper....Wow. Okay I'm gonna be done now haha. Love my "life as a Dygert!" ;) 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Since my last blog....

Hey there readers of my blog. It's been a very very long time since I've last written. But no worries, I'm now writing! ;) So I decided not to bore you guys with a long post, so I'm gonna give you pictures! :)
Anyways....Do you remember my last post about that really good looking cowboy? Well, turns out, I married that cowboy. :) We are living in Idaho now and are having a lot of fun! :) My title says "Life as a Dygert" because that is my new last name and that's my life now. So here goes!
 I went through the temple on March 23 and I had my family members come and attend. It was such an amazing experience! :)
My wallet was stolen the day before the reception and it was run over...just a couple times. :( It was picked up by a homeless guy and given to a guy who worked at Home Depot who then got my number from a Fred Meyers receipt that still happened to be in my wallet. What was left in my wallet was my driver's license, my debit card, the Fred Meyers receipt, and my USU student card. It was so sad.
 These are just 2 engagement pictures that are my favorite! My sister took these pictures in Logan Canyon at the second dam. It was cold but was fun to take them cuz I looked awesome! Just kidding...but really. ;)
Pre-reception pictures. I love this one. :)
This is my favorite part of a reception, cutting the cake! :) It was a great night! I saw tons of people and was super happy about all the people that came! My mom and I spent a lot of days making the cookies that were there. My absolute favorite ones were the lemon cookies. A.MA.ZING! My colors were dark purple (my favorite color btw) and green. Mostly purple though. A few ladies and my mom decorated and my grandma helped as well. My best friend did the flowers and I absolutely loved my bouquet! She rocks!
We got married on April 27, 2013 in the Logan, UT Temple.
These girls are the best! They came and supported me and I was so glad they came! I just love this pic of us! And I'm so happy for the beautiful pregnant girl on the left. She had her baby about a month ago and she is so precious! But this pic and the girls in them. :)
Love the first pic! They're the best brothers in the world! I love the next pic too! All the men on my side. :) They have been great examples to me! Love them!
My sisters and my mom. :) Greatest women in my life! Ha, good times...good times. I'm so glad I have these 3 as my sisters and the woman in the middle as my mommy. :) Love them all!
This is all of my family except for one, who I was sad couldn't make it. But I'm so glad these people could make it to this special day for me. :) I love them so so so so much!
The family I married in to. :) I love these people! I just love everyone haha. But really, these people are so great, so funny, and just great! I'm super excited to get to know them better. :)
Everyone that came to my wedding. :) Thank you all who came!
Ha...Pictures after the ceremony. Long but I love the results! The first picture just cracks me up! I had to put it on. The second one is probably my most favorite picture. I think Kyler and I look super good haha. Just kidding...but really, we do. ;)
Some...unknown persons ;) ;)...decorated Kyler's truck after the luncheon.
For our honeymoon, we first stayed at the Anniversary Inn, which was a gift from my parents. It's an awesome place! Everyone has to stay there at least once! We then woke up Sunday morning and headed straight up to West Yellowstone to stay in Kyler's aunt's huge cabin! :) It was such an awesome and relaxing vacation. The second picture is so cool! Buffalo were everywhere, even on the front lawn! 

These next three pictures are of our apartment. It's an apartment above a garage and right next to the Snake River. It's super nice and I have loved living here. :) The last picture is the quilt my wonderful mother-in-law made for Kyler and I and it is my favorite. :)
These two pictures go together because...I'll tell you in a sec. ;) The first picture is of me and my best friend and roommate. (I still call her my roommate). Her older sister had a baby shower and I live close to her mom's house so I went! It was so fun seeing her! So now, the second picture goes along with the first because my best friend awhile ago ran into a pole and has a scar on her forehead. I'm not sure if you can see it, but I have a scar at the top of my nose where I too, ran into a pole...It was so funny!
This is my new cowgirl hat that I got. :) I love it and I wear it whenever I possibly can!
My husband is the greatest! He bought us tickets to a Piano Guys concert. :) It was sooo amazing! I'm such a big fan of these guys! You guys need to look them up on YouTube. We got to meet Jon Schmidt, who I believe is the greatest piano player in the world! He signed a piano book that Kyler bought me. Kyler also bought us matching Piano Guys t-shirts. :)
This is the latest picture Kyler and I have with each other. :) It was taken at the Salt Lake temple where we attended his, I guess our cousins wedding. It was such a great experience! I loved being there in the temple with the man I love. :) 
I hope you guys enjoyed this and didn't get bored. Don't worry, the next blogs will be shorter. ;) But yep, this is my life as a far! ;) I have more experiences to experience!